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Once or twice a week, Family Fire posts essays and devotionals exploring biblical themes relating to our most foundational relationships, the families out of which we live and serve every day. We'll send you an email whenever a new one goes up.

Family Fire looks through scriptural lenses at the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical facets of relationships in Christian marriage, parenting, dating, in-laws, and intimacy. You will also find encouragement for single parenting, blended families, divorce, and remarriage. Every essay and devotion helps readers enlist the power of the Holy Spirit to transform their relationships. 

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I am so grateful for the emphasis on being a God-centered family through real examples and scriptures. I have renewed energy to go deeper in parenting and marriage with faith.
Thank you for taking time in sharing your wisdom that God has blessed you with.
Thank you, Family Fire, for praying for all of us who are struggling to live out our faith in our families. Life certainly throws us curveballs we never expected...
Yet I find God is always by my side and His word is always faithful!